Timedox devices require the Timedox pro app for managing employees, timesheets and more.

Start with the basic plan and pay per user only when you add more employees.

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Also Included

Free Updates

Always be up-to-date with Timedox software.


Eliminate buddy punchin with top of the line bionetric scanners.


1 year warranty for all devices


Is It Beneficial For My Business?

Sure. When your team clocks in with the biometric clock the time stamp will eliminate any unknowns when tracking hours, and will also reduce significantly the cost of jobs.

Is Timedox Compliant With Employment Legislation?

Timedox cloud pro software help to ensure that your team schedules comply with legislation relating to working hours, break times, overtime, holidays and more. 

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes you can, but we love happy customers. Timedox customer care team is always ready to help, and make sure your business is getting the best service. We invest tremendously on listening to our customers voice when developing new features and improving our product.

Can I Use Any Time-Clock Brand With Timedox Cloud Pro?

We offer a wide range of award wining time-clocks. Although Timedox cloud pro works with many brands of time-clocks, we can not ensure the connectivity and stability of a third party device. We recommend choosing a Timedox time-clock which ensures amazing support and device compliance .

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