Time & Attendance For The Tech Industry

Track and control your team hours with Timedox time and attendance solution for the tech industry

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Timedox Pro Software

Smooth Management

No matter what is the size of your business, with an on-site time-clock or with a mobile app, the Timedox time and attendance system makes it easy to track your staff hours from anywhere, anytime.

Biometric Time-clocks

Eliminate Buddy Punching

With Timedox biometric solution, you get the real picture. Prevent team members switching cards and cut down 7% of your payroll expenses.

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On Site Time Clock

Get The Insights You Need On Time, Every Time.

Tracking big teams can be a big headache. With Timedox time and attendance you can get all the reports you need in one click. Get accurate data on demand and export reports with ease.

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