Employees Time Clocks For The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have a wide range of requirements that Timedox handles with ease. Timedox time and attendance solutions provides management with real-time information. Track your team hours, jobs, departments and manage timesheets.

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Face recognition and liveness detection

Touchless biometrics

Timedox provides a unique true biometric time and attendance system. Now your team members can clock in and out without touching any surface. With an advanced face detection algorithm, our devices recognize the person and detects liveness under a second.

Timedox cloud software

Effortless management

When managing large teams, time is of the essence. Timedox software provides accurate timesheets, exportable in seconds and accessible from anywhere.

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Secured clock in and out

Eliminate buddy punching

With Timedox time and attendance businesses around the world are cutting payroll expenses by 7%. Get a clear picture of your payroll costs.

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