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At Timedox, you have access to an unmatched Time and Attendance Data structure that provides you the most valuable data, all the time.


Coupled with our advanced data and biometric solutions, your business has guaranteed protection against fraud and buddy punching.

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Timedox Lite Time Clocks

Timedox Lite devices


Get this time-clock device to run your business smoothly, get accurate tracking and cut your payroll costs. The TDX-SN100 comes with Timedox lite software and is suitable for businesses who want to manage their own timesheets.  


Starting at $189

Timedox Lite devices


This machine is a powerful stand alone time keeping station. Get your employees time on the most accurate level. It has all the features to cut down your payroll expenses. 


Starting at $189

Timedox Pro Time Clocks

Timedox Pro devices


This time-clock is completely TOUCH FREE. Track time data accurately and eliminate buddy punching all while maintaining a clean environment.



Timedox Pro devices


This advanced time-clock comes packed with a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner equipped to endure the harshest environments. The TDX-SLP200 is our most relied upon machine with its powerful capabilities and advanced feature-set.


Timedox Pro devices


This powerful machine has it all. Experience the power of Fingerprint, Face, Badge, and PIN code. The TDX- TP200 obliterates buddy punching and

slashes up to 7% of your payroll expenses.


Time Works For You Now

Timedox advanced hardware paired with Timedox cloud software provides a powerful time and attendance system. Equip your business with the necessary data to eliminate payroll errors.

Track Employees Hours With Ease

Your time is precious. Timedox time and attendance cloud software makes it easy for you to manage your employee attendance data. Connect to the Timedox Cloud from anywhere and get the job done, hassle free.

True Biometrics

Timedox advanced time-clocks feature an award wining algorithm that runs on the fastest and most accurate scanners. Eliminate buddy punching while tracking your employees hours error-free.

Our Top Features

True Biometrics

Get the power of the most advanced authentication algorithms

Real-Time Updates

Have access to the data you need instantly, from anywhere in the world

Manage Timesheets

Access your teams timesheets and easily edit, export and more.

Auto Clocking

Manage day to day clock ins and outs hassle free.

Manage Contracts

Create any contract you need to manage your teams daily and weekly schedules.

Mobile Reporting

Access reports from. your mobile phone with the web mobile reporting service.

Manage Shifts

Get the work done with no. efffort. Set your teams schedules and track their time


Create departments to better sort your teams and locations.


Export timesheets and reports in no time.

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captera reviews

“Timedox cloud software saved us hours and hours of managing staff, and it gets it right, every time.”

Wendy A.

HR, Wayfair

captera reviews

“Not only we can track our teams hours efficiently, we also have the freedom to transition staff across locations and departments seamlessly.” 

Noah F.

HR Accountant , Best Western

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