Time & Attendance for Startups

Timedox Attendance Management For Startup is used to manage and monitor your teams attendance and minimize downtime. It records your team attendance and ensures regularity and accuracy. Eliminate errors and get the true picture of your growing business.

Time Tracking Management

Manage With Ease

No matter what is the size of your business, with an on-site time-clock or with a mobile app, the Timedox time and attendance system makes it easy to track your staff hours from anywhere, anytime.

On Site Time Clock

Always Agile.

Your startup may pivot from time to time, and Timedox time and attendance software gives you the flexibility to choose the right setup for your big ideas.

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Real Time Reports

Get Your Insights, Whenever You Need.

View your team status in real time. Learn where your team spend most of their time. Get all the insights you need for a better and more efficient startup.

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