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A web-based attendance reporting service designed for those who work from home or the field.

timedox express

Timedox Express is a web-based attendance reporting service designed for those who work from home or out in the field.

**After you add to the cart, you will be taken to the subscription that you will need to add to your cart. Your credit card on file will be charged for $19.99 per month for your web and remote reporting subscription.**

Timedox Express

Up to 25 employees

  • Employees can punch in and out of work using our web app, by using their mobile phone, tablet or with an on-premise, web enabled device/computer
  • Accuracy – Punches show in your account in real-time, ensuring the most accurate and up to the minute data, anytime you need it
  • Accessibility – View attendance data from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • Simplicity – With an easy to use interface Employees can quickly and easily report their attendance, hassle free
  • Privacy – Nothing is installed or tracked on your Employees phone’s. *GPS location reporting does not track movement
  • Manageability – View break violations, over-time notifications, and early/late reports. Review total hours and export as a CSV file to send to payroll
  • Enable access to the Timedox platform for all your employees anytime, anywhere, with no device needed for real-time attendance logging & tracking
  • Utilize GPS tracking to track location details associated with time entries

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Timedox Express provides a web-app for any web-enabled mobile devices. Employees on-the-go just sign in and press the “Report” button to report attendance or breaks together with their GPS location. *(User must give GPS permission) It is also an excellent solution if you are looking for a simple way for Web browser clock in and out. Data is accessible in real-time anytime, anywhere. This can be combined with physical time clocks, so employees can punch IN at the office and Out using their mobile from home or in the field.

  • Web-based real time clock-in capabilities
  • No installation necessary
  • Connect directly to the cloud from any device with internet access
  • Unlimited access to customer support
  • Lifetime free software upgrades and lifetime storage of data
  • Access real-time data without buying special computers or servers
  • Daily backup with unlimited storage
  • Administrators can monitor and check on employee’s work status
  • No contract, Cancel anytime
  • Quickly add employees to the cloud so you can easily assign them to clients
  • Supports time-rounding
  • One time setup fee cost $49

How It Works


Enroll your employees, and they will receive an email link to access the system and begin punching.


Your employee list will be automatically uploaded into the Timedox web system, your employees are good to go by using the virtual web-based time clock to report their attendance. Data is saved in Real-Time.


Log-in and use the cloud dashboard to enjoy the automation of creating time cards and exporting to payroll in just minutes.


With GPS Location Tracking it will show the location mapped at Clock-in & Out. You will know immediately when Employees are NOT located at the job. And Timedox’s system shows if employees have left the site.

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Simplify the Payroll Process by collecting, managing & processing time right through Timedox Web. The time card hours are automatically calculated and overtime hours are calculated by the work week.

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With real-time visibility our servers are our responsibility. No equipment to purchase & No worries. Data is always safe & secure. From viewing personal time cards & schedules to tracking employee time from home, the worksite & more.

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Schedule a demo today and get familiar with Timedox to see how it works and learn how much money we can help your business save throughout the year.