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      Timedox – What We Sell?

      Biometric Time Clocks + Time and Attendance (Stand Alone / Software as a Service)

      Employee time clock software cloud pro

      Timedox – Who Are We

      Over 1 Million Real-Tim Reports Created Each Day

      Since 2006, we have provided Biometric Time Clocks, Time & Attendance solutions nationally and internationally for businesses of all sizes; from “mom and pop”-sized joints with only one or two employees to multi-level corporations.

      Tens of thousands of ever-growing companies record their working hours using our time clocks and software, now reaching over 12,000 customers and 160,000 employees getting their attendance reports being created daily.

      One of our biggest projects is handling 4,500 locations for one governmental organization, a project that has been running successfully over the last 9 years.

      Based on USA granted patent, we continue to develop new features and advance our technology, maintaining our position as one of the leaders in the market.

      We are looking to expand our world-wide distributors network and bring in new entrepreneurs like you to join the hundreds of distributors already enjoying our quality support and speedy growth.

      An Opportunity Not To Miss

      Timedox – Potential

      The Opportunity You Can Share, About 100,000 New Time Clocks a Month

      The time and attendance market are still largely underserved:

      • The majority of time and attendance devices sold today are paper punch clocks
      • Millions of businesses with employees do not utilize any timekeeping system

      About every 5 Years, all these under-served small businesses buy a time clock or upgrade their systems:

      Over 1 million time clocks sold each year!

      It is simple logic that investing a reasonable amount of money in a system that will lower your labor costs, mitigate potential liability, and streamline the payroll process is an excellent business decision.

      • Employees 1-4 | 3,543,991
      • Employees 5-9 | 992,716
      • Employees 10-19 | 593,641
      • Employees 20-99 | 494,170
      • Employees 100-499 | 83,423

      Timedox – Where Your Profit Comes From?

      Distributor profit will increase from:

      Installation & Training Profit

      Support & Upgrade Profit

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      Door Opener Creates New
      Customers Easier

      Hardware Sales

      Monthly Income Profit

      Timedox – Revenue Share

      Distributor Benefits:

      Off The Hardware

      Of Any Upgrade
      Or Support Plan

      Of The Monthly Income
      From Your Customer

      Include USA Support / Customer Service and Handling

      Contact Us At:


      6825 Jimmy Carter Blvd
      Norcross, Georgia 30071