Timedox Pro Cloud Software


  • Getting a Timedox Pro time-clock? Add this item to your cart.
    • Real-Time DATA is pushed from the time-clock to the reports system
    • No software installation required
    • Profiles can be shared from the admin console to other connected devices, per your company’s needs
    • In/Out punches automatically arrayed
    • Edit missed or incorrect punches quickly & easily, moments after they occur
    • Support staffing companies
    • Supports multiple departments
    • Supports multiple contracts
    • Supports multiple shifts
    • Supports holidays
    • Time rounding supported (Complies with the Federally mandated 7-minute rule)
    • Rich reports
    • Early/Late leave/Arrive notification
    • Access Real-time reports from anywhere, anytime.
    • Export reports in CSV format for easy import to most payroll systems
    • Schedule Automatic report exports to your FTP site
    • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

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