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Multi-Location Time Clock

Timedox’s online employees time clock software stores time and attendance data in the cloud so managers from any office, at any location, can access their time and attendance data 24/7. Employees moving from one department to others do not need to re-enroll biometrically. Once they enroll in one location they can be identified on all other sites in a second. The ideal time tracking solution for large corporations, staffing, and chain businesses.


Large Business Time Clock

Businesses managing a large employee and location-based, need more out of their time clock software. Timedox delivers applicant tracking, time and attendance, and human resources tools that make employee management easier. Employees can log their time using our plug and play biometric time clocks device.

The device can be connected by USB to any local POS or computer, no installation is needed.

With Timedox, supervisors no longer need to be responsible for their employees’ payroll either. HR can take over payroll operations, and contact heads of departments if there are any punch errors within their employees’ time cards.

Timedox software eliminates the time spent on manual time card calculations and decreases overall labor costs, which adds up to savings in money and efficiency.

The data file (any wanted format)  is transmitted in real time to the central office.


Employee Time Clocks For Schools

Employee time clocks for schools must be advanced enough to fulfill the needs of all kinds of people like teachers, students and other employees or even subcontractors, Timedox software does just that. Complex enough to differentiate between different jobs relied on to account for employees of every level and department. Teachers, administrators, custodial staff and food service workers can all use the same time clock solution from Timedox.  

School Time Attendance Software

Timedox’s school time attendance software works in schools, colleges and universities. Even student workers can use Timedox’s software on campus. It’s easy for everyone. The system will show if Employees have left the site


Retail Workforce For Businesses of All Sizes

Retail workforce management is complicated. You and your employees work in a fast-paced, hectic environment that doesn’t allow for much downtime. While you’d like to be able to communicate with your staff more, managing your employees while balancing your other responsibilities is an ongoing challenge. From juggling schedules to dealing with customer crises, you have enough on your plate without having to think about time card calculations and varying pay rates. With Timedox’s retail time attendance system, employee management becomes a whole lot easier. Whether you have one location or 100 locations, your retail store can use Timedox’s  online time clock to simplify employee job recording and increase your business’s efficiency and bottom line.


Managers Love our Retail Time Attendance

From keeping track of attendance to managing payroll, Timedox’s retail time attendance solution makes a retail manager’s job much easier. Recording time worked is simple – any employee can conveniently clock in by using the Timedox fingerprint device or mobile app, or by tablet using the Timedox Time Clock app. Using our online page, managers can oversee their employees in real time, and even set up push notifications to be alerted when an employee clocks in, clocks out, or fails to do either one.


Restaurant Time Clock

Whether you’re running a local restaurant or a national chain, Timedox’s software can accommodate your needs and makes it easy for you to keep track of your employees.

Working in the food service industry, managers often face unique challenges like paying employees across different departments, jobs, and shifts.

How to Use Our Attendance System

Employee management is simple with Timedox software. Our restaurant attendance system can be accessed with varying levels of authority depending upon the log in each user is assigned – administrator, supervisor, and employee.

Administrators have full access to the software and can grant supervisors certain role rights that allow them to access restricted areas of the site. Using Timedox’s customizable software, administrators can create policies that regulate break time, overtime, and paid time off with the rules and conditions they want.

They can also log in and see who is working at any given time, review and approve timesheets, and run reports to analyze time attendance information. These reports can be used to identify and make informed decisions on staffing, overtime costs, and labor law compliance.


Dentist Office Web Based Time Clock

Dental practices in particular benefit from the use of a flexible, web-based time clock system due to the nature of their operations. Oftentimes, many dentists travel between offices, sometimes overseeing a rotating staff or different teams split between multiple locations. With so many employees to account for, monitoring time and attendance can be tricky, and often becomes convoluted and difficult to handle. Without a modern time tracking system that can keep up with the complexity of these working arrangements, tracking hours, tasks, and jobs becomes a project no one has the time to manage.  

A dentist office time clock creates greater efficiency for dental practices and serves as a cost-effective solution to track time worked for all employees, like dentists, dental assistants, dental receptionists, and dental hygienists. Using a flexible web-based time clock system, dentists can access real-time data and manage their offices from anywhere.

How Dental Time Clock Works

Dental time clock software from Timedox is easy to use and manage. Employees can clock in using a biometric time clock, a computer, a tablet using the Timedox Time Clock app,  and their smartphone using the Timedox mobile web app. 

A big benefit of using the cloud is that you can access it anywhere. You and your approved supervisors can view and manage company data wherever there is an internet connection. This is particularly useful for managers who share a practice who might all want access to the same data. The ideal device to use is the  USB Fingerprint desktop device ( Price 69.00USD)  it is Plug ‘N Play Internet Ready, uploads real-time data, accepts offline punches. This device is perfect for a dental setting and syncs seamlessly with Timedox software.


Time and Attendance For Staffing & PEO Industries

You’re in the business of serving clients, and your employee’s attendance is key. But it’s tricky to manage a workforce that’s spread across multiple locations and varied business environments. However, when you’re able to track your employees’ time accurately, you keep your customers happy. And when you keep your customers happy, you keep your customers. Period.

Timedox solution for professional employer organization (PEO) like when a firm provides a service under which an employer can outsource employee management tasks, such as employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, recruiting, risk/safety management, and training and development. The PEO does this by hiring a client company’s employees, thus becoming their employer of record for tax purposes and insurance purposes. This practice is known as co-employment.

 Down to the Minute Time Tracking

When your employees are working across multiple locations and work environments, traditional time clocks are not always the best time tracking option.  Using our GSM time clock machines on different locations for different companies and employees, is fantastic, See for yourself!

Each one of the customers or accounts managers can receive a real-time data about the working hours in each location.


With GPS Location Tracking it will show the location mapped at Clock-in & Out. You will know immediately when Employees arrived at his location.  Timedox’s system shows if employees have left the site in Real-Time.

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Simplify the Payroll Process by collecting, managing & processing time right through Timedox Web. The time card hours are automatically calculated and overtime hours are calculated by the work week.


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With Timedox Cloud Pro Software & Time Clocks’ you can access the data from anywhere any time. You, as a customer, do not need to purchase any computers or local software. Data is always secure.

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