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Biometric System and Identity Services

Biometric systems and Identity services patent

Patent number US7773779B2

A system for providing global biometric identification services to a plurality of remote parties, the system comprising: a template receiver, which comprises: a registration input configured to receive from at least one remote registering party at least one registration template of a biometric sample of an end user of the remote registering party, associated with a tag relating the template to the end user, and an enquiry input, configured to receive from a remote inquiring party at least one test template of a biometric sample of a person. The system also comprises a verifier, associated with the inputs, configured to determine a degree of match between the registration template and the test template, thereby to verify the person as an end user, using the determined degree of match.

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Based on granted cloud biometric identity services patent, we continue to develop new features and advance our technology, maintaining our position as a leader in the market.